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The city of Liverpool has long been a huge hotspot for football. Locals are raised into an environment where football is a religion rather than a sport, it is a huge part of many people’s live. Visiting the city on matchdays, you begin to get an idea to how much it means when you can see and hear crowds of fans in pubs and bars alike. Why not come and experience the thrill yourself?

Liverpool FC

Liverpool Football Club

Following the club's recent UEFA Champions League success, Liverpool FC's international reputation has soared and football fanatics from around the world are desperate to experience Anfield's famous atmosphere. Hearing the crowd roar as one of the world's best teams play in front of them is a very exciting experience that everyone should try.

There is an aura and uniqueness around the stadium that's increasingly rare in the modern era of generic stadiums. With a recent redevelopment project, a huge capacity of 54,074 and a regular sell-out crowd, you wouldn't want to miss out on the action. Liverpool has consistent league, cup and international matches there, but the stadium also opens its doors to a variety of other events from time to time, from music to rugby.

Why not get there early and soak up the club's history and character? The stadium offers an insightful tour, allowing you to get a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes. And while you're at it, get to know the city and experience Liverpool's fantastic culture – make the day a truly memorable experience.

Liverpool FC Home Games

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Everton FC

Everton Football Club

Everton FC's rich history and passionate fanbase has brought football enthusiasts from far and wide to Goodison Park, hoping to get a feel for the fantastic vibe the ground has to offer. Created in 1892, the stadium is one of the oldest in the UK but arguably one of the best.

The traditional stadium can accommodate 39,572 people but don't let the size fool you as the atmosphere during matches is almost unrivalled. When all four stands are singing the anthems at the top of their voices, your hairs stand on end – the ground feels like it's moving.

With the seats positioned closer to the pitch than almost any other stadium and a famously vibrant crowd, a trip to visit the Toffees offers a unique experience like no other and just a quick ride from all of our properties it's a no-brainer.

Everton FC Home Games

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Tranmere Rovers FC

Tranmere Rovers Football Club

Only a short journey from our properties, Tranmere Rovers' stadium Prenton Park sits across the river Mersey in Birkenhead. Though a smaller team, the club has a large fanbase that boasts a strong community vibe, providing a stadium buzz like no other.

The new and improved Platinum Lounge brings a luxury experience for home and away fans, offering a three-course meal before the match as well as tea and coffee during half time.

The EFL League One offers a completely different brand of football and it is a league where anything can happen. This creates an incredible experience for the fans as often the underdog can come out on top. The unpredictability of this league ensures that visitors to Prenton Park can always expect excitement.

Tranmere Rovers Home Games

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