The Downtown in Business Women in Business Awards 2022 recently crowned some of the leading female entrepreneurs from across the Liverpool City Region, as over 300 key business visionaries gathered to mark the achievements of the city’s incredible female business community.

Our very own Ann Chambers not only attended the Awards, she was also named Newcomer of the Year 2022 in a highly competitive category packed with some of the area’s most talented female achievers.

The awards, hosted by BBC presenter and the latest Downtown chair, Jacey Normand, acknowledged the finest female-led businesses, the established and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and the women who make the most valuable contributions to the growth of the Liverpool City Region economy.

In a ceremony which highlighted their work across many fields, including marketing and social impact, to name but two, Ann was given her Newcomer of the Year Award in recognition for her establishing iStay Liverpool.

As founder and Managing Director of iStay Liverpool, Ann has created a uniquely luxurious stable of apart-hotels, which now enjoy seven locations in key areas of the city centre. Industrious, innovative and always with her ear to the cultural ground, Ann not only saw iStay Liverpool flourish during two challenging years for the leisure industry, but has been determined to see iStay continue to grow and thrive, whilst always maintaining the same standards of service, quality, and customer-focused provision.

In her own words Ann says, ‘I was really delighted to be nominated for Newcomer of the Year at the Women in Business Awards 2022, which are so wonderfully organised by Downtown in Business annually.

I was looking forward to celebrating the success of the whole community, and recognising the achievements of so many of my peers, whom I both admire and respect.

I was genuinely surprised when I won, but have certainly embraced the achievement, as it is also a testament to the whole iStay Liverpool team, who have worked tirelessly to expand the business and see it grow further during 2022.

I am really proud of them and everything they do. And I know, and hope, that these Awards will continue to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs in the Liverpool City region to act upon their business-minded instincts.

I would really like to thank Frank McKenna, Downtown CEO and Group Chairman, not just for these very special Awards, but also for the support that is offered to us all as a business community throughout the year.

I have such a personal vision for iStay which extends well into 2023. I look forward to seeing what next year’s newcomers bring, and I feel it a real privilege to be able to represent all the female self-starters out there during 2022.’